New Cautery Machine - Tanvi-Electromedical - Radio Frequency Cautery (3MHz)

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We offer to our clients superior range of Radio Frequency Cautery- 3, which delivers radio frequency (3MHz) wave for cutting & coagulation of soft tissues. These radio waves are used for vaporizing the cells without applying any pressure on the tissue.

It results in:

Less trauma to the cells.

Less fibrous scarring & less post operative discomforts.

Provides maximum readability of histological specimen.


Our RF surge - 3 equipment is used for

Intra Dermal Nevas, Skin Tags, Moles ,Corns, Seborrhoric Warts, Keloids, Electrolysis, Xanthelsma, Soft Fibromas, Skin Connective tissue nevus

Technical Specifications:

Operating Modes Cut, Cut-Coagulation & Coagulation

Operating Frequency 2.7 MHz

Power setting 10 Steps.

Voltage AC 220 - 230 V, 50 Hz

Power 100 W

Dimensions L X W X H - 223mm X 223mm X 85mm.


Hand piece with 1.5 mtr. Cable 1 No.

Foot switch with cable 1 No

Mains Cord 1 No

Flexible Inactive pad with cable 1 No

Set of Electrodes 1 Set

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